Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks


28 Original Heritage Walks in The Kathmandu Valley

This is the most comprehensive book on heritage walks in Kathmandu, with over 360 pages, 1000+ photographs, 58 color maps, & 20 detailed diagrams. (February 2024 edition)

It includes:

28 original Kathmandu Valley walks

Kathmandu City - Old City, Durbar Square Rediscovered, Maru Tol, Om Bahal, Te Bahal, Streets of Ason, New City, Jaisidewal, Hadigaun, and more. Discover and walk over the oldest of Kathmandu's streets, which are not written about anywhere else.

Suburban walks

Swayambhunath - rediscover this classic stupa with an original walk around it, uncovering hidden secrets that link it to locations around the city.

Boudha - the dewdrop Stupa is rediscovered with a look around it, on it and through it.

Pashupatinath - the oldest site in Kathmandu? Dating back to the 5th century, it was destroyed and rebuilt again. Go beyond the main ghats to explore more heritage than any other book.

Valley Heritage Walks

Go beyond the city to discover hidden heritage in Kathmandu Valley's most famous locations and in places few know about.

Kirtipur - the city that saw the fall of the Malla Kingdoms

Patan - Heritage walks in Durbar Square, North Patan, South Patan, East Patan, and West Patan. Discover the hidden history of the location where the very first Newari city was founded, which predates Kathmandu.

Thimi - the Middle Kingdom—is revealed and detailed with a walk that's like stepping back in time.

Bhaktapur - Rediscover one of Nepal's greatest heritage cities with over 5 original walks. Durbar Square, Pottery Square, Taumadhi Tol, Golmadhi Tol, Dattaraya Tol, and Narayan's Wakupati—with a short extension walk to the ponds of Bhaktapur.

Panauti - Go beyond my original heritage walk to Panauti to discover statues and shrines never revealed before.

Dhulikhel - The Kathmandu Valley's unique heritage & nature walk to the mountains.

This book also contains:

  • The first ever "heritage links" for Kathmandu city help you discover heritage with ease
  • Easy-to-follow interactive maps
  • Over 28 unique extension walks are available for those who "must see" everything.
  • Specially designed so you complete every walk without repeating anything or get "templed out"
  • Walking times, distance, difficulty levels & duration included

- February 2024 edition -

(PDF format: suitable for iPad, iPhone, Kindle (pdf), ebook readers, all Android devices, and printing.). Internet is not needed to read or use this book!

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Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks

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